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Welcome to The Fabric Unicorn's Frequently Asked Questions!

Whether you are new here or a longtime fan, here are some things we get asked about frequently!

What size is a Fat Quarter? - A fat quarter is a single layer piece of fabric that is 18" x 21" (half the width of the fabric) or 45 cm x 53 cm

How do I know how much binding to buy for my quilt?

The easiest way to calculate binding is to calculate using the following method: 

(In this example I used a 45” square quilt, but you can follow the same steps with your own measurements)

  1. Add together the measurements of each side of your quilt to find the perimeter measurements: mine are 45”+45”+45”+45” = 180” 
  2. Divide your perimeter measurement by the width of the fabric you want to use for binding. [Quilting cotton is typically 44” wide including selvage, and typically 42” wide without selvage; but please check the listing description for exact width of your fabric] My fabric width is 42” without selvage so I will divide 180” by 42” = 4.28
  3. Round up the number of strips needed to allow for seam allowance and a little wiggle room: I rounded up to 5
  4. Decide how wide you want your binding strips, and multiply that number by the amount of strips needed: My binding will be 2.5” wide so I will multiply this measurement by 5: 2.5” x 5 = 12.5” 
  5. Order your fabric! In my case I will order 1/2 a yard because 12.5” is just under this measurement 

Shipping Info - 

Lead times on shipping vary according to order size and destination. I always try to get your order out same day or next business day. I send all my packages out with USPS, in 3 different classes of mail: First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Priority International Mail.

Delivery Timelines - 

First Class Mail - 5-7 days

Priority Mail - 3-5 days

Priority International Mail - 10-17 days

These shipping times are an estimate and cannot be guaranteed. If you need express shipping reach out to us at thefabricunicorn@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate you!